Documentary Title – Republic of Egypt

For an independent society to grow, it need a group of elements. Economic thriving and political stability can be aspects contributing to this progress, but one very important point is the cultrual booming of that society. Speaking about culture includes a number of different characteristics that reach out to comprise every little detail of life. Gozoor believes in the urgency and importance of documenting the patterns of the Egyptian cultural changes, as this documentation plays a key role in preserving and shielding the Egyptian heritage from being lost or forgotten. Hence, the organization is working on a self funded documentary project called: Republic of Egypt. Republic of Egypt is a documentary movie that depicts the transformation of the Egyptian costume since the beginning of the 1920s and up till this day. It shows the experience of selected groups of artists concerned with the creation of Egyptian fashion designs and reviving the independence of the Egyptian intellectuality. The movie explores in depth and the experience of each artist individually, giving him/her enough time to narrate his/her own unique experience and the stages of development they went through. The movie also focuses on the transitions that have occurred in the Egyptian character during the last 100 years, and which contributed to what we know now as the predicament of the Egyptian identity. An introductory part of the film has already been produced. The demo is available on the website for public viewership. The movie is intended to be educational and informing, and for that reason, it will be publically displayed without any restrictions or personal benefits.

Demo Of Republic of Egypt