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GOZOOR For Cultural Development Winning TAMTEEN support programme 2017 From Roberto Cimetta Fund.

GOZOOR Media Services is the fund-generating division of the organization. Since the organization depends mainly on fundraising and private funding, it established this vicinity to generate necessary funding for supporting other goals. GMS presents a broad spectrum of services to its clients to help them with properly positioning their entities in the business platform. It provides a wide range of assistance including production of Advertising, Communications, Documentaries, Corporate Videos and all audio-visual solutions.

GMS has a large database that is not only limited to the artistic community, but also it works with commercial, entertainment, corporate and instructional entities. It manages and maintains relations with clients that help them reach their specified goals. GMS specialize in developing outreach campaigns for multi-lingual and multi-cultural audiences, and creating the most exciting events and campaigns for its clientele. It trusts that the first step towards success is a good media campaign.

With over 10 years of experience in marketing, advertising and Media Services, GMS enables its clients to benefit from its unique and creative techniques for stretching their advertising dollar, while creating stimulating campaigns and events that help put them “on the map”. In addition, GMS handles concept development, writing, 3D, graphics, web, audio, video, and film productions. Moreover, it produces co-branded and contracted media projects across industries along with content creation and development, and publishing services.GMS experience with helping Clients also includes outreach and information campaigns and is knowledgeable about at-risk communities and how to reach them effectively. The office has successfully developed marketing strategies, budgets, and action plans.

GMS strives to give value-added features to each and every campaign. The company represents internationally recognized designers, artists and enterprises and creates an array of content that engages and informs readers for media and corporate brands on a number of different fields. Working on organizational development itself, GMS assist many community and professional groups on maximizing their target market outreach. GMS guarantees premier quality of comprehensive custom content services.

Our Works

Habet Sukar : 2018

St.Catherine -The Place Inspiring People : 2017

THE PARTY ( Short Film ) : 2015


Sami Amin – winter collection 2013 – 14 Adv:

Republic of Egypt – Documentary (Demo):


Sami Amin 2013 Summer Collection-Adv: